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Go Live in 3 – 12 weeks and Pay in 12 months.

We’ll finance your App development cost
Build it too

Imagine getting your App ready in 3 - 12 weeks and pay for it over 12 months.
We also include 3 upgrades and 1 year of support.

You have a great idea for your Mobile App but you cannot risk your savings, let us help you
getting your Idea into real app in 3 - 12 weeks!

Your App Idea will not break the bank! We will finance it over 12 months and build it for you!


Traditional milestone payment models have had its ups and downs. Trying to get your app the old-fashioned way… with 25% up front cost and rest all in advance milestones is done!

PAYG Apps is changing how the apps are built and brought to the market. We believe in your idea and will finance it with 12 months’ payment model. Go Live in 3 – 12 weeks. It also includes 3 upgrades, 1 year of support & maintenance.

“I have sat across countless tables listening to excellent ideas that died at inception due to the overwhelming costs and risk associated with simply getting started! At PAYG we’ve changed all that. Let us help you build your dream app with our Unique Payment Model”


We get started as soon as we get approval on our proposal, 12-month payment schedule and 1st month payment. Go Live with your app in 3 - 12 weeks while you pay in 12 months. Our pricing includes 3 upgrades and 1 year of maintenance


We realized so many businesses had been left burned by traditional milestone based payment model.

Most of the app ideas have not seen a day because of huge cost and risk involved.

We wanted to take the risk away from hiring an offshore contractor or shell out your equity to investors and started PAYG Apps with unique payment model.

It works for us, and it works for our clients.

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Includes 3 upgrades (One in each quarter) and 1 year of support & Maintenance

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